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Running the Race

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Dream last night - Perspective Aug. 13th, 2013 @ 03:20 pm
Dream last night.... I was going for a run (because apparently that's what I do). I cut through a street I have used as a cut through before. I ran by a park and there was an outdoor retail store selling LARGE metal sculptures of every day things. Eg - a mail drop box that was probably 20' by 10', a suitcase, furniture, all multiple stories tall. When I ran by it, I was taken by surprise because the retail store has never been there before in this park. I began running in place looking at the store, ran through all the merchandise overwhelmed by how large it was, all the while saying... this is mine.

Interpretation by Jodie - You lookin' for a Daniel or Joseph?? . I'd say that's an amazing metaphor for the idolatrous state of the American economy and (consumerist )dream, and also the appalling imbalance among classes these days the world over. Also, its commentary on the way we've increasingly despoiled our "commons" (from wilderness to schools), intended for play, exercise, preservation and exploration. And the imbalance and idolatry has involved those with influence taking (financial and planning) shortcuts that are questionable at best, unethical and deeply wicked more often. I could keep going with deeper layers in this dream metaphor. It's awesome! - The giant objects are at once celebratory of the mundane and ordinary yet as works of "art" are anything but, accessible to only the few. Either way, we often vaunt the materialistic in our culture in a HUGE and almost ridiculous sense. That's nothing overly new; in fact statuary and mail drop imply old/ancient media. But with new media its been even more saturating, huge, looming in our modern lives, taking up more and more space in places it didn't even used to be. - Also, only the most wealthy could buy and display monumental (and idolatrous) art like this, yet even such outwardly-SEEMING monumentalism is still *mundane* and nothing in the eyes of God and in the face of the things in this world that really matter, like compassion. Consumerism in the extreme (mundane or grandiose, from Walmart to Sotheby's) can become a personal or national idol, overtake our goals and priorities, become what we admire or look up to or worship, but it's a cold, hard, empty thing and CAN be ridiculous in the light of Truth. - God once said that the question to always ask is, "What is the *purpose* of the thing?" [i personally don't think he likes the pyramids of Egypt, ha]. The dream art had no purpose except to be big for the SAKE of being big. Material waste and gluttony. Objects that SHOULD have purpose but do not. Perhaps as "art", but this was no museum--it was a retail store!!! Not a public work showing but a marketplace for elites. [Who will invest so much money on this stuff rather than investing in worthier things].
A mail box that will never contain mail. The objects enlarged, yet useless, would, if useful, encourage communication, travel, and fellowship (taking time to write, sit, visit). [Mail, furniture, suitcase]. Is this happening less? Obsolete? A victim to new media, fast pace (run, run, run, Leah, and take the shortcut), and materialism???
Things are only truly purposeful as they are a blessing (a godly blessing) to others. LAY NOT UP FOR YOURSELVES TREASURES IN THIS WORLD WHERE MOTH AND *RUST* WILL EAT IT AWAY!!!

Interpretation by Elijah - The ordinary things of life is becoming bigger in life. The thing that is shifting for me is the perceptive in which I look at things. Its coming. I am examining my perspective, what is it that is big and what is small.

Suggested / Requested Apr. 25th, 2012 @ 11:53 am
Today It was suggested to me that Love and I should begin doing video's and audio's for marriage resources.

Tips, Making Marriage the best, how to refresh your marriage

Prophetic Word SF Mar. 22nd, 2012 @ 06:24 pm

"I was in an open field, sunny, green grass. I came upon a group of people, I knew they were from NCCA but I did not recognize anyone. They were singing a praise & worship song but I did not know the words. Leah was sitting at a piano in the field playing & singing the song. I walked past her and looked down a hill. I saw another group of people and walked over to them. I knew they were from another Church. They were sitting at a table eating. The music stopped and I turned & looked up the hill at Leah. She was looking at me (us). The Leah started to play another song & both groups of people sang in unison."

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Electric Chord 3/20/2011 Mar. 21st, 2012 @ 01:20 pm
Yesterday morning I was lying awake in bed just enjoying the presence of God as I was waking up.
He said to me, "You are an electric chord".

I was meditating on what an electric chord is...
1. Without being plugged into the source, its just a chord.
2. It reaches to where the source is needed. - an extension of the source

According to www.dictionary.com
1. pertaining to, derived from, produced by, or involving electricity: an electric shock.
2. producing, transmitting, or operated by electric currents: an electric bell; electric cord.
3. electrifying; thrilling; exciting; stirring: The atmosphere was electric with excitement.
4. (of a musical instrument)
a. producing sound by electrical or electronic means: an electric piano.
b. equipped with connections to an amplifier-loudspeaker system: an electric violin.
3. spirited, rousing, dynamic.

1. a feeling or emotion: His story struck a chord of pity in the listeners.
2. Geometry . the line segment between two points on a given curve.
3. Engineering, Building Trades . a principal member of a truss extending from end to end, usually one of a pair of such members, more or less parallel and connected by a web composed of various compression and tension members.
4. Aeronautics . a straight line joining the trailing and leading edges of an airfoil section.

— n
1. math
a.a straight line connecting two points on a curve or curved surface
b.the line segment lying between two points of intersection of a straight line and a curve or curved surface
2. engineering one of the principal members of a truss, esp one that lies along the top or the bottom
3. anatomy a variant spelling of cord
4. an emotional response, esp one of sympathy: the story struck the right chord
5. an imaginary straight line joining the leading edge and the trailing edge of an aerofoil
6. archaic the string of a musical instrument

Wife Check Mar. 21st, 2012 @ 12:32 pm
Love do you read this blog?
Other entries
» Prophetic Word 03/20/2011
During prayer with Steve - "You are an Apostolic Counselor."
» After I preached on Prayer...
on Dec. 18, 2011...

I received a FB IM from Steve saying.

"When you were teaching 2 weeks ago, what I heard prophetically was the words "prayer missionary" and apostolic intercessor". Just wanted to pass that on...it sounded very profound, when I heard it!!"
» Prophetic Word 11/09/11
Prophetic Word by AR 11/06/11 During Sunday Service.
"We have some deliverance people who are coming with power and demonstration and with fire. And the Lord says that fire is going to touch them but it will not consume them. It will not burn them out.They'll get on fire."

Greg Grantham7:49am Nov 9 - From CN Prophecy page

As I awoke this morning and began to gather my thoughts for the day I had a vision. I saw a sailboat sitting on still water. The boat had been there drifting faithfully and diligently at the stearing of its captain. Then I saw what was the Lord began to inhale to exhale. The spirit exhaled and began to blow a mighty wind into the sails of the boat. All of a sudden circumstances drastically ch...anged and the boat and its captain were moving again swiftly in another direction. I heard the Lord say prophesy this word over my people:

You have been in a season of testing. I have tested your endurance, your stamina, and your diligence to remain steadfast and focused and faithful to the cause at hand. Even though your situation and circumstances have been still and you have questioned me Lord why aren't things progressing? Are we stuck here? Will we die here in this dry valley? I have been building your strength despite you seeing that you are weak. For only in your weakness will my strength be made perfect. You have called this a lean time, but in my eyes this has been a time of building strength. I have qualified you and separated the wheat from the chaff. I know it has been a time of tribulation and a time of hardship. Nevertheless, I have turned your sorrow into gladness.
This wind I blow is a wind of refreshing. It will be known as a time of refreshing. A time of regeneration. I will resurrect dead things in your life you thought were gone forever. I will restore hope unto you for fulfilled dreams and give you a creative spirit to launch out into new uncharted waters. I will give you rest from your weariness. I have seen your faithfulness to continue on despite how you feel, despite what you think, you have stayed the course and not given up. My good and faithful servants I will reward you. I am going to reward you with renewal. I will return to you what has been lost. I will restore what has been missing.
There is such power and momentum in this wind that it will be everything you need to jump start you into next year. Now is the time to seek my face about next year. Do not be like foolish virgins and miss the time of my visitation. I am coming to my temple. I am bringing with me great wealth and prosperity for the faithful. I will restore honor and integrity. Wholeness. Nothing shall be lacking.
This next year will be a year of action. Creative action. Do not consider the things of old. Do not make your plans or create strategies based on what I done years ago. I will do a new thing, but will you be able to perceive it? I will display my ability to create, design, and invent new things through you. This is a new time and a new age. New grace and mercies are available to you. I will empower you, but not like you expect. Arise to this new time. Be ready and willing to accept and embrace a new cadence. It is time to shift. Shift direction and plot a new course. However, only the faithful will hear what I am saying and what I am instructing. Be prepared to accept new instructions. Do not cling to old methods that are no longer relevant. Move ahead with me guiding you every step of the way. My house will only be built with my blue print. My plan will be the only true path to success. Press in and hear what I have to say. Break camp. You have encompassed this mountain long enough. Today we move. Today we journey ahead.
» Song on my heart today
Jesus Is All the World to Me

1. Jesus is all the world to me,
my life, my joy, my all;
he is my strength from day to day,
without him I would fall.
When I am sad, to him I go,
no other one can cheer me so;
when I am sad, he makes me glad,
he's my friend.

2. Jesus is all the world to me,
my friend in trials sore;
I go to him for blessings, and
he gives them o'er and o'er.
He sends the sunshine and the rain,
he sends the harvest's golden grain;
sunshine and rain, harvest of grain,
he's my friend.

3. Jesus is all the world to me,
and true to him I'll be;
O how could I this friend deny,
when he's so true to me?
Following him I know I'm right,
he watches o'er me day and night;
following him by day and night,
he's my friend.

4. Jesus is all the world to me,
I want no better friend;
I trust him now, I'll trust him when
life's fleeting days shall end.
Beautiful life with such a friend,
beautiful life that has no end;
eternal life, eternal joy,
he's my friend.

Text: Will L. Thompson, 1847-1909
Music: Will L. Thompson, 1847-1909
Tune: ELIZABETH, Meter: 86.86.844.3
» Demons

While I hate dealing with demons, I am accustomed to it. I hate dealing with them and their schemes, I know it's only temporary, and it will be worth it. - sometimes it really sucks, but joy comes in the morning.

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